Medication during pregnancy

There may be a period of time during pregnancy when you feel unwell and are not sure whether you can take conventional over-the-counter drugs (OTC). Some drugs are safe to take during pregnancy. But others are not, or their impact on the baby may not be clear.
When you meet with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy, ask which drugs you can take and which drugs you need to find alternatives. Your health care provider will weigh the risks and benefits to help you know what is safe.
In addition, tell your doctor about any alternative drugs or supplements you take, even if the label says “natural”. If you get any new prescriptions during pregnancy, make sure the person who prescribes them knows you’re pregnant.
What drugs are safe to take during pregnancy?
It is safe and important to take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. Ask your healthcare provider about the safety of taking other vitamins, herbs and supplements. Most herbal preparations and supplements have not been shown to be safe during pregnancy.
Generally speaking, you should not take any over-the-counter drugs during pregnancy unless it is necessary.
Taking the following drugs and family drugs according to the packaging instructions has no known harmful effects during pregnancy. For more information about its safety or drugs not listed here, please contact your doctor.
Safe medication during pregnancy*
 diphenhydramine (diphenhydramine)
 loratadine (Clementine)
Steroid nasal spray (Rhinocort)
Consult your doctor before taking these drugs in the first three months of pregnancy.
Colds and flu
 acetaminophen (Tylenol)
Salt nasal drops or sprays
 warm saline mouthwash
Consult your doctor before taking any other medication, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.
 colas
 post mucus
First aid ointment
 bacitracin
 Johnson & Johnson first aid cream
 neosporin
 porous protein
 benazepril cream
Calamine Lotion or cream
 hydrocortisone ointment
 oatmeal bath (Aveeno)
*Note: any medication used during pregnancy cannot be considered 100% safe.