Research shows that the number of antibodies produced by injection of Moderna vaccine is more than twice that of Pfizer

A study showed that the number of antibodies produced by the injection of Moderna new crown vaccine was more than twice that of PFE. Us new crown vaccine.
The study was conducted among 2500 workers who were vaccinated with Moderna and Pfizer respectively. The study found that after two doses of vaccine injection, the average antibody per milliliter of workers who injected the former reached 2881 units, while the latter only had 1108 units.
Several possible reasons for this difference are:

  1. The active ingredient of Moderna vaccine reaches 100 μ g, which is higher than that of Pfizer vaccine, which is only 30 μ G.
  2. The interval of Moderna vaccination was longer, 4 weeks. Pfizer vaccine takes only 3 weeks.
    An assessment shows that Moderna vaccine can reduce COVID-19’s breakthrough infection risk by two times compared with Pfizer vaccine.
    As of press time, Moderna shares fell 0.85% and Pfizer shares rose 0.15% after hours.