When to Use a Lice Comb

Lice comb is one of the most effective strategies to eliminate head lice in children.
These policies are particularly useful if your child’s school has policies that prohibit nit, and if nit is present, students will not be allowed to return. Lice eggs are small, hard to see, and sticky. Fortunately, a comb is an easy way to remove lice eggs.
In the long run, they are even more reliable as a global solution than any specific drug. This is because lice are more resistant to chemicals than physical combs.
Combs can be either the primary treatment option or used with medications. Either way, when you realize that your child has lice, you need to start treating it with a comb. If possible, start on the same day.
After starting the treatment, continue to comb at least once a day. At this time, you can still see live lice. Then, after you see the last live lice, comb your child’s hair every three to four days for at least three weeks. This is because nit incubation may take two weeks.