Analysis and answers to frequently asked questions about health products in Australia

Australian health products have always stood out among many health products with strict supervision system and high-end quality. However, in the process of choosing health care products, people inevitably have some questions. In this issue, I will give you a comprehensive and systematic summary of these FAQs about Australian health care products!
01.What brand of Australian health products is the best?
We only need to remember one thing: all health products listed in Australia are strictly reviewed and tested by the Australian food and Drug Administration TGA. From this point alone, Australia is definitely at the forefront in the world. It is one of the few countries that can regulate health products as drugs. Therefore, all health products listed in Australia are guaranteed in terms of safety and efficacy, and there will not be much difference among brands in terms of price.
02.Is the higher the content of health products, the better?
Not exactly. It can be said that the higher the content of health products, the stronger the “efficacy”. However, we should not ignore one point: does your body really need such a high content?
Take the familiar “fish oil” as a simple example. If you eat fish oil just for daily health care, a 300mg grain is enough to meet the needs of your body. If you already have high blood pressure and want to eat fish oil for adjuvant treatment, a medical grade fish oil with a content of 600 or higher may be more suitable for you.
03.Why do some eat before meals and some after meals?
Taking before or after meals is mostly determined by the nature of health care products. Generally, fat soluble health care products are taken with meals, mainly to make the body better absorb their components; Similarly, some dietary supplements, such as vitamins, also need to be taken with meals. Relatively speaking, detoxification will promote taking before meals.
The manufacturer will give the best suggestions according to the characteristics of this health care product. All you need to do is take it according to the packaging instructions. If the manufacturer does not specify when to take it, it means that no matter what time you take it, it will not affect the effect.
04.Can you eat a variety of health products together?
Many health products can be taken at the same time, but it still needs to be analyzed in detail. A relatively simple way to consider is to ask yourself whether this health care product can be obtained from food every day or can be synthesized in the human body itself? For example, vitamin C, iron, calcium and fish oil may be contained in the food we eat every day. Generally speaking, these vitamins can be taken together with confidence. Because when you eat, it is absolutely impossible to take these elements strictly separately. Since there is no problem with daily dietary intake, there will also be no problem with taking health care products.
For example, some other health products may not be eaten in our common diet every day, especially some herbal ingredients: such as Hugan tablets (the main ingredient is milk thistle), holy berries, etc. these health products need special attention. We usually advise you to consult a professional doctor. If you really need to judge by yourself, there is a simpler way to take it at different times as far as possible. For example, if you are eating Swisse collagen tablets, liver protection tablets and grape seeds, these three manufacturers recommend taking them with meals. If you just eat collagen tablets after breakfast, liver protection tablets will be reserved for lunch and grape seeds will be reserved for dinner. This arrangement can avoid potential conflicts of health products.
In particular, if you are taking drugs, you must consult a doctor before taking any health care products.
05.Can health care products cure diseases?
In fact, we can’t say “yes” or “no” on this issue. Why do you say that?
First of all, we should consider what kind of disease we have. Diseases that seriously endanger health and even life can never be treated only by health products. Drug treatment is essential. However, taking some health products at the same time may have the effect of “adjuvant treatment”. For some not very serious diseases, especially “chronic diseases”, the use of drug treatment not only has great side effects, but also the effect is often not ideal. At this time, health products may be a better choice. Because the main function of health products is to regulate the body’s own function and immunity, many diseases will disappear with the body conditioning. There is a saying called “good Qi exists in the body, evil can not be done” is this truth.
Therefore, do not expect any immediate “magical” effect of health products, but do not underestimate the role of health products in human regulation. It’s best to choose according to your body shape.