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Who Is Sun Sensitive?

Your doctor may let you know the possibility of sun sensitivity, but cannot predict which patients will feel it. People can take the same amount of the same medicine. Some people may be fine in the sun, while others will explode and burn.
Vicky Zhen Ren, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Baylor College of medicine in Houston, said: “the photosensitivity caused by drugs affects everyone, regardless of skin color, but in people with darker skin color, the skin may be milder.”. For example, if your skin is darker, the red seen on lighter skin may be more purple.
The darker your skin, the higher the amount of melanin, a substance that absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays.
Elizabeth Messenger, MD, said: “patients with darker skin color are less likely to have phototoxic side effects, because the more melanin in their skin, the stronger their protection, but there are still risks. Even if the risk is small, everyone should take the same precautions.”, Assistant professor of clinical dermatology, Perelman School of medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

What we need to know ahout the COVID-19 Delta variant:

What do you know?
It spreads very fast. As of August 4, 2021, delta variants have covered more than 130 countries. In many countries, the number of coronavirus diseases has exceeded α The variation, including the United States, is considered to be 55% to 90% easier to spread than the previous covid-19 variation. Experts believe that the infectivity of the delta is 30% to 100% higher than that of alpha.
Researchers are still not sure why the delta variant is more likely to spread than other variants. They believe that changes in the mutant protein may make it easier to enter human cells. Another early study showed that the mutation of delta variant may help it better fuse with human cells after attaching itself. If it can easily mix with your cells, it can infect more cells and overwhelm your immune system.
It seems to affect young people more often. In the UK, studies have shown that children and adults under the age of 50 are 2.5 times more likely to be infected.
Symptoms seem to be more severe and occur faster. If the patient has delta variation, he is more likely to be hospitalized. Studies have shown that its risk of hospitalization is almost twice that of alpha variation.
In China, doctors say patients with delta mutation are more serious than those they treated in the early stage of the pandemic. Their condition seems to be declining faster.
Zoikovi 2019 coronavirus disease research, an application that allows people to track symptoms, shows that covid-19 symptoms in the UK may change with the spread of delta variants.
The main symptoms reported on the application include:
sore throat
runny nose
Cough is becoming less and less common, and loss of smell is no longer among the top ten common symptoms. The researchers worry that people may mistake the symptoms for a bad cold, so as to avoid isolation and lead to the spread of the mutant virus.
How to protect yourself
Vaccination is your best choice. The report showed that two doses of Pfizer biontech vaccine had 79% protective effect on Delta variant infection. If infected, it seems to have a 96% effect on hospitalization.
Due to delta variation, the success rate of two doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in stopping hospitalization was 92%. No deaths were reported in the vaccinated population.

What are the health care products that can’t be eaten by children

Although some health products play a great role in promoting children’s body and maintaining children’s health, this does not mean that children are suitable for all health products. If you take it blindly to children, it may have the opposite effect and have an adverse impact on the baby’s growth, development and health. Children should not abuse health care products. According to expert research, health care products containing the following ingredients are not suitable for babies:

  1. Ginseng
    Ginseng is one of the common supplements, but it is not suitable for children, because it contains some substances that can accelerate children’s gonadal hormone secretion, such as ginseng, ginsenoside, etc., which are more likely to cause children to precocious puberty or disorder of the body system, which is very unfavorable to children’s physical and mental development and health.
  2. Royal jelly
    The main components of royal jelly are inorganic salts, amino acids, vitamins, hormones and other substances. The composition is complex. Although taking this supplement will not cause too many negative effects for adults, it may cause precocious puberty for children.
  3. Others
    Although some traditional Chinese medicines with bird’s nest, sex hormones and other substances have the effect of regulating the body, they should not be used for children, because these traditional Chinese medicines may also make children precocious puberty.
Tips for choosing calcium tablets

1、 Don’t follow advertising. Increase their health care knowledge and correctly understand calcium supplementation. Calcium production enterprises often take stars as the precursor to attract consumers. In this regard, we should make a choice according to our own needs and not be confused by various loud calcium supplement commodity names. Remember that such commercial terms are pure speculation and do not exist in the field of nutrition.
2、 Don’t listen to the exaggerated propaganda of some calcium products. For example, some advertisements call “good deposition and fast absorption”, which makes people mistakenly believe that the absorption of calcium by the human body is a simple process. In fact, calcium enters the human body first into the blood, then forms calcium containing cells, and then penetrates the outermost hard layer of the bone through a complex change process and is fixed into the inner bone.
Another advertisement claims that its product “particles are several times smaller than ordinary products”. In fact, the particle size is only a physical change, which can not essentially improve the absorption rate of calcium by the human body; The absorption rate of calcium in calcium supplement products is only about 30%. In fact, there is no so-called “95%” absorption rate.
3、 Try to improve the diet structure to obtain sufficient calcium from natural foods. In the daily food of the family, milk, cheese, eggs, bean products, kelp, laver, shrimp skin, sesame, hawthorn, sea fish, vegetables, etc. contain more calcium, especially milk. Every 100 grams of fresh milk contains 120 mg of calcium. If each person drinks 250 grams of milk every day, he can provide 300 mg of calcium.
If you drink 500 grams of milk every day, you can supply 600 mg of calcium; In addition, about 300 mg of calcium supplied by other foods in the diet can fully meet the needs of human body for calcium. It is worth noting that when eating these calcium rich foods, we should avoid eating too many foods rich in phosphate, oxalic acid and protein, so as not to affect the absorption of calcium.
4、 To detect the content of calcium, you should go to a regular hospital. The “single photon bone mineral density tester” placed in stores and pharmacies can only measure the ulna and radius of the arm, and the loss of calcium is mainly harmful to the calcium deficiency of the lumbar spine and crotch, so this test is inaccurate. Moreover, such instruments are radioactive sources, and their radiation will affect the body.
5、 Calcium products are not the more expensive the better, they should be selected according to their own needs. There is no great difference in the quality of calcium products circulating in the market. Moreover, different calcium products are suitable for different people. Calcium carbonate has high net calcium content and high absorption rate. It is a traditional calcium supplement, but it is not suitable for people with gastric acid deficiency; Calcium phosphate contains high phosphorus, but it is not suitable for patients with chronic renal insufficiency.
6、 Calcium supplement is not the more the better. The important thing is to see absorption. When taking more than 200 mg of elemental calcium each time, the absorption rate will be reduced.

How can we protect our children from the Coronavirus?

Emergency department 2019 coronavirus disease vaccine has been approved to prevent covid-19 aged 12 and over. Nevertheless, it is still important to do your best to protect your children and other family members from disease. Here are some ways to reduce their risk:

  1. Wear cloth masks in public places. People may spread coronavirus even if there are no symptoms or before symptoms begin. In order to slow down the spread of coronavirus disease in 2019, CDC said that people over 2 years old should wear a cloth mask in public places such as shops or pharmacies, especially in the case of covid-19. Fit is very important, so make or buy masks suitable for small faces. Try on masks at home to give children time to get used to them. If children help make or decorate masks, they may prefer to wear masks. Make sure your child does not touch the mask when wearing it. Take it out carefully and wash it after each use.
  2. Wash hands frequently. All children should wash their hands after going to the toilet; After sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose; Before they eat; As soon as they entered the house. Soap and water are the best. Make sure they apply soap on the back of their hands, between their fingers and under their nails for at least 20 seconds (the same time as singing “Happy Birthday” twice). If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
  3. Stay at home and don’t play in person. At present, it is important to limit close contact with others in order to reduce the spread of disease. Try to stay at home and avoid public places such as shopping malls and cinemas. No games, appointments or overnight. Your child may not seem ill, but they may still carry the virus and may transmit the virus to others.
  4. Keep your child away from other sick people. If your child has cold like symptoms, leave them at home. Teach them to use paper towels when coughing and sneezing, throw them away after each use, or use arms or elbows instead of hands.
  5. Clean your home regularly. Disinfect high contact surfaces such as toilets, sinks, door handles, light switches, handles, smartphones, tablets and TV remote controls every day. You can use most ordinary household cleaners, or you can mix a third cup of bleach with a gallon of water to make your own cleaner. If your child has a favorite stuffed toy or plush product, please wash it at the highest temperature often.
  6. Be careful if you are ill. A new mother who tests for 2019 coronavirus disease or thinks she can take it may stay away from her baby temporarily to reduce the chance of transmitting the virus. Discuss the pros and cons with your healthcare team. If you go this way and still want to breastfeed, you can pump breast milk and let a healthy caregiver feed your child. If you may be ill but don’t want to be separated from your baby, take additional measures to avoid the spread of the virus. Wash your hands often and wear a mask 6 feet or closer to you, including when breastfeeding.
Five misunderstandings of eating health products for children

1、 Children don’t grow tall. Is it helpful to eat calcium?
99% of calcium in the human body exists in bones and teeth, which is an essential nutrient for the growth of bones and teeth. However, children are not tall, not necessarily lack of calcium. Genetics, sleep status, amount of exercise, mood and stress may all affect them. Calcium is a problem that many parents will pay attention to, but how to judge children’s calcium deficiency? Many people may go to the hospital for blood test, but this method is not accurate, because 99% of calcium is stored in bones, and only bone mineral density is accurate. However, parents can judge by the child’s rib bones. If they touch the last rib under the child with their hands, it is a manifestation of calcium deficiency. The calcium phosphorus ratio in the human body is relatively stable. If there is too much calcium, the attraction of phosphorus will be weakened. Insufficient phosphorus will affect intellectual development, and the excess calcium will be deposited on the bones, affecting the baby’s height.
2、 Does eating fish oil really make children smarter?
The main components of fish oil are EPA and DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids, which exist in salmon, COD, sardine, saury and other deep-sea fishes. Tang Fujun, a professor in the Department of family studies at Taiwan Normal University, pointed out that fish oil does help maintain the healthy development of brain nerves, but relevant studies have found that 70% of brain nerves have developed in fetuses and infants. Fortunately, recent studies have proved that brain cells have the function of regeneration, and fish oil can still play its role.
3、 The child is very partial to food. Will you supplement him with vitamins?
Children’s partial eclipse is very common. Although vitamin supplementation can solve the problem of nutritional supplement for children for a time, it can not be taken all the time, because vitamin B and C are water-soluble. Excess is easy to excrete with urine, which is relatively safe, but it will also cause kidney burden or cause stones. Vitamins A, D, e and K are fat soluble. Taking too much will accumulate in the body and not be easy to excrete, resulting in poisoning.
4、 “Bovine colostrum” and “protein powder” are more nutritious than breast milk?
Bovine colostrum is extracted from the milk secreted by dairy cows within 7 days after calving. It contains various nutrients and immune substances required for calf development. It is a good nutrient and immune food for cattle. However, it is only meaningful for the same species. People and cattle belong to the same species, and they face different diseases. People do not necessarily suffer from diseases suffered by cattle, except diseases shared by people and cattle. In addition, immune active substances lose their original living environment through the process of processing. Is there still “activity”? At present, scientists have only studied how many immune substances are contained in bovine colostrum. Are these immune substances to improve people’s active immunity or passive immunity? What is the effect of specific application to infants? Are there any disadvantages? What is the immune response? These have not yet reached an accurate conclusion, not to mention how there are so many colostrums?!
Compared with normal milk, the content of prolactin in bovine colostrum is about 4 times higher, the content of growth hormone is about 10 times higher, and the content of gonadotropin is about 1 time higher. Children should not eat more.
For infants, it is also wrong to choose extra protein powder to eat in order to promote their growth and development. The reason why scientists want to transform milk is to reduce the high protein in milk (twice that in breast milk), mainly because the child’s kidney is not well developed. Too high protein will seriously damage the child’s urinary system, especially increase the renal load. Therefore, China stipulates that the protein content in every 100g of infant formula milk powder is 11 ~ 20g. If parents give their children extra protein, isn’t it the opposite?
5、 Are the health products “suitable for all ages” on the market beneficial to the baby?
Nowadays, there are many kinds of children’s nutrition products on the market, and some are under the banner of “suitable for all ages”. In fact, the composition of some children’s nutrition products is not very clear. Although some contain only trace hormones, if they are taken for a long time, they may accumulate in the body and cause children’s “precocious puberty”. For children with normal growth and development, parents do not have to let their children eat nutritional and health products. Even those children with weak physique, lagging development and need supplements should be carried out under the guidance of doctors. They must not blindly listen to advertising.

How to take children’s health care products correctly
  1. Select health products with scientific evidence
    The health care products taken need to have certain scientific certification. Health care products with scientific evidence and long-term sale in the market and good reputation are relatively safe and are not prone to safety problems.
  2. Seek advice from professional doctors, etc
    Generally speaking, if parents have questions about what types of health care products their baby can take and how to take them, they can consult professional doctors and nutritionists.
  3. Stagger the time when taking a variety of health products
    When the baby takes two or more different health care products, it should be noted that the taking time should be staggered. Health care products will contain different nutrients, and different nutrients will play a certain role. If the baby needs to take two or more different health products, it is recommended to stagger at least 2 hours.
  4. Do not take excessive health care products
    Do not overdose when taking health care products. Before the baby takes health care products, parents should carefully read the instructions and strictly follow the instructions to give the baby. Sometimes it’s no problem to forget to eat.
Heart failure symptoms

Symptoms of heart failure include:
Shortness of breath during activity (most commonly) or rest, especially when you lie flat in bed
A cough that coughs up white phlegm.
Rapid weight gain (it is possible to gain two to three pounds in a day.)
Swelling of ankles, legs and abdomen
Rapid or irregular heartbeat
Other symptoms include nausea, palpitations and chest pain.
Like valve disease, heart failure symptoms may not be related to the degree of heart weakness. You may have many symptoms, but your heart function may be only slightly weakened. Or your heart is badly damaged with few symptoms.