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Tips for choosing calcium tablets

1、 Don’t follow advertising. Increase their health care knowledge and correctly understand calcium supplementation. Calcium production enterprises often take stars as the precursor to attract consumers. In this regard, we should make a choice according to our own needs and not be confused by various loud calcium supplement commodity names. Remember that such commercial terms are pure speculation and do not exist in the field of nutrition.
2、 Don’t listen to the exaggerated propaganda of some calcium products. For example, some advertisements call “good deposition and fast absorption”, which makes people mistakenly believe that the absorption of calcium by the human body is a simple process. In fact, calcium enters the human body first into the blood, then forms calcium containing cells, and then penetrates the outermost hard layer of the bone through a complex change process and is fixed into the inner bone.
Another advertisement claims that its product “particles are several times smaller than ordinary products”. In fact, the particle size is only a physical change, which can not essentially improve the absorption rate of calcium by the human body; The absorption rate of calcium in calcium supplement products is only about 30%. In fact, there is no so-called “95%” absorption rate.
3、 Try to improve the diet structure to obtain sufficient calcium from natural foods. In the daily food of the family, milk, cheese, eggs, bean products, kelp, laver, shrimp skin, sesame, hawthorn, sea fish, vegetables, etc. contain more calcium, especially milk. Every 100 grams of fresh milk contains 120 mg of calcium. If each person drinks 250 grams of milk every day, he can provide 300 mg of calcium.
If you drink 500 grams of milk every day, you can supply 600 mg of calcium; In addition, about 300 mg of calcium supplied by other foods in the diet can fully meet the needs of human body for calcium. It is worth noting that when eating these calcium rich foods, we should avoid eating too many foods rich in phosphate, oxalic acid and protein, so as not to affect the absorption of calcium.
4、 To detect the content of calcium, you should go to a regular hospital. The “single photon bone mineral density tester” placed in stores and pharmacies can only measure the ulna and radius of the arm, and the loss of calcium is mainly harmful to the calcium deficiency of the lumbar spine and crotch, so this test is inaccurate. Moreover, such instruments are radioactive sources, and their radiation will affect the body.
5、 Calcium products are not the more expensive the better, they should be selected according to their own needs. There is no great difference in the quality of calcium products circulating in the market. Moreover, different calcium products are suitable for different people. Calcium carbonate has high net calcium content and high absorption rate. It is a traditional calcium supplement, but it is not suitable for people with gastric acid deficiency; Calcium phosphate contains high phosphorus, but it is not suitable for patients with chronic renal insufficiency.
6、 Calcium supplement is not the more the better. The important thing is to see absorption. When taking more than 200 mg of elemental calcium each time, the absorption rate will be reduced.

Research shows that the number of antibodies produced by injection of Moderna vaccine is more than twice that of Pfizer

A study showed that the number of antibodies produced by the injection of Moderna new crown vaccine was more than twice that of PFE. Us new crown vaccine.
The study was conducted among 2500 workers who were vaccinated with Moderna and Pfizer respectively. The study found that after two doses of vaccine injection, the average antibody per milliliter of workers who injected the former reached 2881 units, while the latter only had 1108 units.
Several possible reasons for this difference are:

  1. The active ingredient of Moderna vaccine reaches 100 μ g, which is higher than that of Pfizer vaccine, which is only 30 μ G.
  2. The interval of Moderna vaccination was longer, 4 weeks. Pfizer vaccine takes only 3 weeks.
    An assessment shows that Moderna vaccine can reduce COVID-19’s breakthrough infection risk by two times compared with Pfizer vaccine.
    As of press time, Moderna shares fell 0.85% and Pfizer shares rose 0.15% after hours.