How to take children’s health care products correctly
  1. Select health products with scientific evidence
    The health care products taken need to have certain scientific certification. Health care products with scientific evidence and long-term sale in the market and good reputation are relatively safe and are not prone to safety problems.
  2. Seek advice from professional doctors, etc
    Generally speaking, if parents have questions about what types of health care products their baby can take and how to take them, they can consult professional doctors and nutritionists.
  3. Stagger the time when taking a variety of health products
    When the baby takes two or more different health care products, it should be noted that the taking time should be staggered. Health care products will contain different nutrients, and different nutrients will play a certain role. If the baby needs to take two or more different health products, it is recommended to stagger at least 2 hours.
  4. Do not take excessive health care products
    Do not overdose when taking health care products. Before the baby takes health care products, parents should carefully read the instructions and strictly follow the instructions to give the baby. Sometimes it’s no problem to forget to eat.