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We continue to grow healthily to maintain health and physique to improve the quality of life. The difficulty is how to find the answer. Everyone has found a way to live and balance life

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Health (functional) food is a kind of food. It has the commonness of general food, can regulate the function of human body, and is suitable for specific people, but not for the purpose of treating diseasesLorem Ipsum been.

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Medical devices refer to instruments, equipment, instruments, in vitro diagnostic reagents, calibrators, materials and other similar or related articles directly or indirectly used for human body

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Access to and use of certain drugs is not arbitrary for drug users, that is, drug consumers. According to consumers' access to and use of drugs, drugs are currently divided into prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs


Vitamin is a kind of trace organic matter that human and animals must obtain from food in order to maintain normal physiological function. It plays an important role in the process of human growth, metabolism and development.

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Directly and indirectly support health monitoring equipment, including household wearable equipment, medical grade in vitro real-time diagnostic equipment (POCT), sign index detection all-in-one machine, etc

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When to Use a Lice Comb

Lice comb is one of the most effective strategies to eliminate head lice in children.
These policies are particularly useful if your child’s school has policies that prohibit nit, and if nit is present, students will not be allowed to return. Lice eggs are small, hard to see, and sticky. Fortunately, a comb is an easy way to remove lice eggs.
In the long run, they are even more reliable as a global solution than any specific drug. This is because lice are more resistant to chemicals than physical combs.
Combs can be either the primary treatment option or used with medications. Either way, when you realize that your child has lice, you need to start treating it with a comb. If possible, start on the same day.
After starting the treatment, continue to comb at least once a day. At this time, you can still see live lice. Then, after you see the last live lice, comb your child’s hair every three to four days for at least three weeks. This is because nit incubation may take two weeks.

Who Is Sun Sensitive?

Your doctor may let you know the possibility of sun sensitivity, but cannot predict which patients will feel it. People can take the same amount of the same medicine. Some people may be fine in the sun, while others will explode and burn.
Vicky Zhen Ren, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Baylor College of medicine in Houston, said: “the photosensitivity caused by drugs affects everyone, regardless of skin color, but in people with darker skin color, the skin may be milder.”. For example, if your skin is darker, the red seen on lighter skin may be more purple.
The darker your skin, the higher the amount of melanin, a substance that absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays.
Elizabeth Messenger, MD, said: “patients with darker skin color are less likely to have phototoxic side effects, because the more melanin in their skin, the stronger their protection, but there are still risks. Even if the risk is small, everyone should take the same precautions.”, Assistant professor of clinical dermatology, Perelman School of medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

Singles or Couples: Who sleeps better?

However, a new study shows that adults who sleep with their partners have less insomnia, less fatigue and longer sleep time. They also said they were more satisfied with their lives and interpersonal relationships, and their levels of stress, depression and anxiety were lower.
“Even if you sleep next to a person who may snore and roll, it does something useful,” said michaelgrandner, director of the sleep and health research program at the University of Arizona in Tucson and senior author of the study.
“Interestingly, it’s not just the presence, because when we ask a question about a child, the answer is very different,” he added.
Most of the study participants who slept with their children at night reported that they had more insomnia, more stress and worse mental status the next day.
“Is it because the child is lying in bed? Is it because things are tense? Is it because the child is easier to walk around at night or kick you? Who knows?” Said Grandner.
For this study, the researchers used data from 1007 working age adults in Pennsylvania.
Researchers found that people who slept with an adult partner slept faster, slept longer, and had a lower risk of sleep apnea. Children who sleep in the same bed with their children are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea, have more severe insomnia, and have less control over sleep.
This finding is contrary to the findings of the laboratory, which found that people who sleep together sleep more shallowly, and the partner’s actions often cause the brain to wake up.
But when you ask people, they think it’s more positive. “This proves this. It is greater than the sum of its parts.”
The reason for the new discovery is speculative, but Grandner believes that security or socialization may be the root cause. For example, for most of history, humans tended to sleep in groups around fires. Maybe in a way, people just feel safer when another adult is lying in bed.

Coronavirus and Your Lungs

Sars-cov-2 is a virus that causes novel coronavirus 19 and belongs to the coronavirus family.
When the virus enters your body, it will contact the mucous membranes of your nose, mouth and eyes. The virus enters healthy cells and uses the cells to make new viral parts. It reproduces and new viruses infect nearby cells.
Think of your respiratory tract as an upside down tree. The trunk is your windpipe or windpipe. It splits into smaller and smaller branches in your lung. At the end of each branch is a small air sac called a alveolus. This is where oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxide is discharged.
This novel coronavirus can infect the upper or lower respiratory tract. It spreads along your respiratory tract. Lining may be irritated and inflamed. In some cases, the infection can go all the way to the alveoli.
2019 coronavirus disease is a new disease. Scientists are learning about its effects on the lungs every day. They believe that the impact on the body is similar to the other two coronavirus diseases, namely severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (mers).

Small bottles marked “smallpox” appeared in a vaccine research institution of Merck company in the United States

On November 16 local time, several US media quoted the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention as saying that vials marked with “smallpox” were found in the vaccine research institute of a Merck pharmaceutical factory on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the vial marked “smallpox” was accidentally found by a staff member of the agency while cleaning the refrigerator. At that time, the staff member was wearing gloves and masks. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention did not disclose other information.
It is reported that because the smallpox virus is too dangerous, only two laboratories in the world are authorized to store samples, one in Russia and the other is a subsidiary of the CDC in Atlanta.
It is reported that the CDC, its government partners and law enforcement agencies are investigating the matter. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention stressed that there was no indication that anyone had touched the vials.
The Department of homeland security, the National Institutes of health and Merck did not respond to requests for comment.
Merck is called Merck sharp & Dohme (MSD) in countries outside the United States and Canada. It is not only an American pharmaceutical enterprise, but also one of the largest pharmaceutical enterprises in the world. Merck is headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey.

Click Therapeutics

In less than a year since the last debt financing, click therapeutics, a digital therapy start-up, recently announced that it had obtained a round B financing of US $52 million.
This round of financing is jointly led by new investors h.i.g. biohealth partners and accelmed partners II, with the participation of health catalyst capital, redemption partners and a top biotechnology hedge fund, as well as existing investment institutions Sanofi ventures, K2 healthventures, hikma ventures and ridgetop health.
David benshoof Klein, CEO and co-founder of the company, described this round of financing as an “important milestone” and revealed that this round of funds will be used to accelerate the development and commercialization of click’s internal prescription digital treatment pipeline and improve its platform capacity.
The New York based startup, founded in April 2012, is committed to providing patients with digital prescription treatment solutions through the development and commercialization of software.
Click therapeutics is literally translated into Chinese as “click therapy”. The company name is very vivid and very consistent with the product – patients and doctors interact by clicking on the application on the mobile phone screen, and then use digital therapy to treat diseases.